Putoline classic scooter X 2 stroke oil 1ltr

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Putoline classic scooter X 2 stroke oil 1ltr Modern Scooters

1Ltr Classic Scooter-X is a high-grade 2-stroke scooter oil. Its unique, synthetic formulation gives it the following properties:

  • Provides complete protection for classic 2-stroke scooter engines with cast iron or aluminium Nikasil cylinders
  • Provides exceptional oil film strength
  • Minimises carbon deposits and fouling on the spark plug
  • Extends the service life of the engine Classic Scooter-X has been specially formulated for high-performance road and race use. It is suitable for Lambretta, Vespa and all classic and modern 2-stroke scooters, pre-mix or injector. Classic Scooter-X contains a blue colourant which clearly shows its presence in the fuel. Mix ratio 2-4%



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