Modern Scooters are an authorised service and repair centre for Peugeot, LML and Scomadi scooters.

Our staff are factory trained and have extensive knowledge in the servicing and repair of a wide range of motor scooters helping to keep your pride and joy roadworthy, reliable and safe.

Here at Modern Scooters we pride ourselves on delivering first class customer service.

Our modern workshop facilities can cater for all your scootering requirements.

  • Servicing.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Intelligent battery diagnostics, recovery and charging.
  • Electrical circuit faulting.
  • Immobilizer and transponder key programming.
  • Insurance estimates and repairs.
  • Tyre replacement and wheel balancing.
  • Accident/damage repairs.
  • Collection and delivery service.
  • 8.00am – 7.00pm Thursdays.
  • Trust and Honesty.
Servicing Modern Scooters


  1. Andy grzybkowski

    Hello just wondering if I dropped my peugeot speedfight 1 in if you would be able to get any panels for me, money will also be given of course.

    1. Reply

      We can certainly take a look for you to see what is available.

  2. Reply

    hi there

    I have just bought myself a scomadi tl 125,

    how much do you charge for first servicing?

    and also could i get it back on the same day as i live in east london.

    1. Reply

      Approx. £65 and yes same day.

  3. Reply

    Hello I have lxv 125 given to me with out keys how much will the imobiliser and master key +standerd key and barrel cost all together with out labour?

  4. Iosif Bortan

    Hy I was wondering if I can drop by with my Pulse BT 49 cc that I bought recently to check on the terrible noise that’s coming from the gear box , how much would that cost me and a change of oil and two mirrors ? Thank you . It’s a second hand one sorry I forgot to mention .

    1. Reply

      Best to pop in so we can take a look

  5. Reply

    my genius of son, just bough a 2003 vespa, and has lost the key within five minutes of being home (really not impressed) do you do replacement keys? thanks

    1. modernscooters

      Which model Vespa is it.

  6. Reply

    Hi I need to replace the piston on my T5 but am not sure which size to order. Do you have the facilities to measure (and can you get hold of the part?)

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