Peckham Rye silk hankerchief-HANK013

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Peckham Rye silk hankerchief-HANK013 Modern Scooters Peckham Rye silk hankerchief-HANK013 Modern ScootersPeckham Rye silk hankerchief-HANK013 Modern Scooters

Our handkerchiefs are printed onto foulard gum spun and nett silk twill in the very traditional block way, where only four handkerchiefs are struck at a time from one square yard of silk – thus each is slightly different from the other.

Every handkerchief is then carefully hand-rolled hemmed by our skilled craftspeople to create the distinctive look of the edges and add depth to the borders.

All Silk

Hand-Made in England

Tailors Advice

Hand rolled hemmed edge handkerchiefs are a very luxurious adornment to your suit or blazer top pocket and can be worn in a number of ways, our top three recommendations are:

Folded into a three pointed coronate, the three points representing the past, the present and the future.

Folded flat with just a narrow line of the patters appearing above the pocket – no more than 1 cms.

Ruffled up and pushed down into the pocket with the plain border showing at the back, the pattern to the front.


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