Optimate 4 intelligent battery charger

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  • Automatic self-diagnostic test: Immediately on connection, the microprocessor checks the circuit and flashes all LEDs (except charge current LEDs) to confirm correct operation.
  • Dual-stage recovery action: If the diagnostic check determines that the battery is sulphated (deep-discharged), the first stage attempts to drive in an initial current by applying up to 16V for a brief limited period. If this is unsuccessful, the TURBO recovery stage engages (indicated by a flashing recovery LED), which increases the applied voltage to up to 22V. This action is limited to a maximum two hours.
  • Charge current display: A thermometer style central LED column shows delivered current. This, together with the expanded charge programme status LED information provides the user with detailed insight regarding the progress of both the state of charge and the state of health of the battery.
  • High efficiency: Despite delivering 33% more power than OptiMate 3sp, OptiMate 4 consumes less electricity, which is welcome in these days of high energy costs and eco-awareness.
  • Enhanced battery testing: Green, yellow and red “traffic-light” LEDs indicate alone or in combinations to provide 5 possible results of the end-of-programme test for power drain, whether in the battery or due to a problem in the bike’s electrical system.


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