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87 responses to “Contact”

  1. admin says:

    Great Website

  2. smiffie says:

    looking for twist and start . what would you recomend for a learner

  3. admin says:

    This would really depend on your budget and age. The what can I ride page shows you what size scooter you can ride. This may determine your choice.
    Let me know your age and license situation so that I can advise you.
    Ride safe.

  4. rob and deb says:

    please send us your address so we can send wedding invitation to you both

  5. Jem says:

    Many happy returns

  6. chris says:

    Saw your shop yesterday – good to see a scooter specialist opening nearby. Will you be stocking Tucano Urbano stuff? Also what kind of repair work can you do? I have a GTS300 that could do with some work under the floor.

    Good luck with the launch


    • admin says:

      Hi Chris

      just about to place an order with Tucano. Won’t be able to stock every line but can order it for next day delivery. Just let me know.
      Had a meeting with Peugeot today and Piaggio tomorrow to determine which franchise we opt for, although we can work on all models.
      Open day set for 1/2/14. Hopefully see you there.cheers

  7. justin says:

    Hi Darren what’s the price of a 150 engine

    • admin says:

      Justin I thought this was for a 150 Leader engine via the website. Didn’t realise it was you.
      LML only do a 125cc 2 stroke engine. The 150 is a 4 stroke.

  8. mark says:

    Many thanks to Darren and his grease monkey.I have an Aprilia 250 ped had a few problems with it Darren and his team have been very helpful,in fact beyond the call of duty.The guys are always helpful i recommend them highly to sort out your big problems and your small.Once again many thanks.

  9. shane says:


    I have now passed my CBT but only just bought a lovely Vespa LX50 2T can you de restrict bikes?

    Just dont want to shell out on another bike yet.


  10. Jim says:

    Hi, my 1977 Vespa 125 TS (early PX type)engine needs new seals. Do you provide that service?? Thanks

  11. peter says:

    Hi i just wondered if you could give me some advice. I have lost all my keys to my vespa et4 125 moped. What would be the cheapest way to solve this problem as i have had some quotes that are over 300 pounds.

    Many thanks


    • admin says:

      We can read the codes from your ECU and write them to new keys. You will need to send us the ECU and we will supply new keys and lock sets. Both locks will need to be changed. Total cost £125. regards

  12. paul says:

    thanks for all your help testing me cdi unit and key everyone said it cannot be done and it was the back of the ignition as you said it was no power getting to it thank you so much saved me a lot of time and money

  13. jason says:

    the scomadi 50cc is this a OTR price.? how long would it take from buy to drive away?

    • admin says:

      Price is 1897 plus 99 otr.
      Total of £1996 is on the road with registration and tax. We can turn this around very quickly. You will require id and insurance. Please give me a call if you need more information. We have all models in stock

  14. Dave says:

    Hi have you any Scomadi125’s in stock yet

    • admin says:

      Hi We have TL50’s in stock. The 125’s are not due into the UK until March. We are taking deposits on the 125’s as the first batch is likely to sell out fast.

  15. Graham Jackson says:


    My driving licence entitles me to drive category “A” motorcycles with the restriction 79(3), 01.

    I know the 01 refers to corrective vision but can you tell me what the 79(3) means ?


    • admin says:

      I’m pretty sure that you do not have category A motorcycle entitlement. The 79 relates to tricycle entitlement as part of your car test.

  16. Paul hyde says:

    Hi you serviced and done mot on my px200 in April.
    Would you part exchange it for a brand new bike.
    Thank you
    Paul Hyde

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul

      I think that there was a problem with the chassis number. As this is missing it is very difficult for us to protect ourselves.

      Can you remind me of the price and figure you want. regards

  17. Paul hyde says:

    Hi I had chassis plate put on with original number as the invoice when it was bought new which I have.
    Looking for £1000 ish

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul

      Please give me a call or pop in. I’ll see what we can do but vehicle provenance is crucial for us. I assume that the frame has bee changed at some point.

  18. Phil Bird says:

    Will it be possible to test ride a Scamodi 300 when they arrive?

  19. David says:

    Hi when will have the next stock of Scomaldi TL 50

  20. Paul says:

    Hi can you tell me if you do the 172 malossi 2t conversion to a Scomdadi 50 and how much if you do

  21. James says:

    Hi how much do you charge for a Vespa GTS 300 second service 5000kms. Also do you stock the little rear wheel lock nut cap with the splint pin as mine is loose and the rattle from that little cap over the rear wheel nut is doing my head in…

  22. Harry Coleman says:

    Are you still doing Scomadibwith 0% and all accessories as advertised in Scootering? I’m looking for a Graphite Grey one thanks

  23. Harry says:

    Are you still doing Scomadi with 0% and all accessories as advertised in Scootering? I’m looking for a Graphite Grey one thanks

  24. Levi says:

    Hi, I came in to your shop a couple of weeks ago and had my snapped Scooter key chip cloned to two new blank keys. I have taken the two blanks to a locksmith along with my ignition key to be cut and they have said the blanks are incorrect and it needs the blanks to me matched. What is able to be done about this? Thanks

  25. Nikolay Georgiev says:

    Hello Dear,can I make appointment for saturday around 2 PM or sunday about my scooter for check and service.

  26. MarkWhittock says:


    Just to confirm as requested my details
    Can you also supply a receipt for the £250 deposit.

    Bike Requested Scomadi TL125 Grey Graphite
    Mark Whittock
    12 Timbertop Road
    Biggin Hill
    TN16 3QR
    Mobile 07471038699
    DOB 29/3/1962



  27. dean says:

    hi darren any news on them rear crash bars and if possible a day to have them fitted if possible

  28. Steve says:

    Hi I really want to purchase a scomadi 200 can you tell me if can order one and how long it would take please?

    • admin says:

      We are taking orders for the second shipment of 200’s. A firm delivery date is not available as yet. we are taking deposits of £500 to secure one. We have black, orange and blue available.

  29. Kev mcguire says:

    Hi do you have any slate grey Scomadi 125s in stock please?

    Looking to purchase one asap

  30. Phil Cee says:

    Have you any Scomadi TL50’s in stock please?

  31. Brendan says:

    Hi Darren, is that Vespa 150 still for sale?
    Cheers, Brendan

  32. Greg says:

    Hi, have you got any Scomadi TL125 Liquid
    Cooled scooters in stock? Thanks.

  33. Sean says:

    Hi, when will you get scomadi 50cc in ocean blue in stock. Thanks

  34. Martin fullard says:

    I’m after a chrome scomadi 125 chrome exhauste supped up

  35. smithers says:

    St90 gearbox oil for Lambretta? What sizes do you have and how much do they cost? In stock?

  36. mark parle says:

    Hi can you tell me when the next shipment of 125’s(ocean blue) are due please?
    also is the finance 0%? and if possible a breakdown of deposit and repayment plan would be appreciated. many thanks.

    • admin says:

      We do not have a date for the next shipment but approx. 3-4 months We do not offer 0%. Finance breakdown would depend on the term and deposit.

  37. Gary Coombe says:

    Any news when the next 125,s are due in.many thanks.

  38. Simon says:

    What colours are you expecting for the October shipment of tl25s? I would ideally like one in Carbon.

  39. scott davis says:

    do u have any 50cc in stock and if so what colours
    regards scott

    • admin says:

      We do not have any Scomadi 50’s in stock but we do have some secondhand 50cc scooters. These are listed on the website

  40. Tammy Breese says:

    Hi i picked up the piaggio zip on saturday and the Exhaust bolts have fallen out on my way to work this morning

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear that Tammy. Could you call the shop at your earliest convenience, as we can organise that getting fixed for you. 0208 942 1101
      Many Thanks

  41. Ash says:

    Hey, looking for a piaggio zip, 50cc? Got any in stock
    Looking to pop in store soon.

  42. Corry says:

    I have a vespa lx 125 the blue key is broken and I don’t have the chip in my brown master key Can I change the cdi immobilizer for a sprats one I have and put the chip in the original master key to program a new blue key or will I need to change the barrels. I know I can send you the blue key nod you can program new keys from this.ithe local vespa dealer can not program from blue key to blue key. Thanks Corry. Please email me a response

    • admin says:

      Most sports ECU’s do not have a built in immobiliser. Cheapest way is to buy two blank keys and clone them from the chip in the blue key. Then get the two keys cut to match the brown key.the blue key chip is different from the brown key.

  43. John Crowley says:

    Hi , just enquiring about the API series 2 Lambrettas.
    Apart from the restored bodywork have they had any engine mods i.e.. New barrel and piston and electric upgrades . 12v electronic ignition , ignition switch etc .
    Look forward to your reply as very interested.

    Regards , John Crowley.

    • modernscooters says:

      The engines are rebuilt and we remove the side covers on PDI to inspect the gearbox, clutch and chain drive. All cables and wiring are new with electronic ignition fitted. Best to come and have a look.regards

  44. Nathan says:

    Hi do you have a anti dive damper for a scomadi 125 cheers

  45. Sarah Freear says:

    Hi, when do you think you’ll be getting the scomadi running board Matt’s back in stock?

  46. says:

    Hi lads, dave h from up north, just bought front mudguard guardrail for scomadi from you,
    Which way round does the nut go on the grub screw? On the inside of the “U” at the bottom of grub screw or the outside of the “U” at the hex key end?? Soz for being thick ha!

  47. says:

    Cheers boys, when are you expecting front crash bars in stock again? Laters.

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