Piaggio/Vespa Immobiliser fault finding

Piaggio/Vespa Immobiliser fault finding

If you have lost the keys to your Vespa/Piaggio scooter we have all the equipment available to get you back on the road cost effectively. If you have lost the brown master key you will not be able to add a new service key using the guide below. We have the equipment available to programme a new master and service key.

As your scooter will not be running the best option is to send us your immobiliser/ECU. We will require verification of ownership. We can then programme a new master and service key and supply a new barrel set to match. Please contact us for any advice.

If you are having trouble with your Piaggio immobiliser or Vespa immobiliser or Vespa ECU or Piaggio ECU the PDF link below is a brilliant guide to help you diagnose the problem. The Vespa transponder key and Piaggio transponder key are very expensive so look after them. If you lose the master key you may need to replace your immobiliser unit as well.

Vespa/Piaggio Transponder Key Programming

We have a good stock of blank and pre cut keys, lock sets, barrels, remapped CDI's/ECU/immobilisers and antenna etc . We have everything you need to cost effectively get your scooter up and running.

This PDF will guide you through diagnosing your transponder key problems. If you need any further assitance please contact us. We have all the equipment available to read your immobiliser/ICU and reprogram your keys.


Piaggio/Vespa Immobiliser fault finding Modern Scooters






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    Hi I have lost the master key to my Vespa GTS super IE 125CC I have the 4 digit code @the 16 digit code if this will help I have been in tears for days as no one can help
    Can you please help me

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      Hi James

      We should be able to read the master key code from the ECU and then write the code to a new blank key that would also need cutting. This could be done at any key cutting shop to match your service key. We would need to see the ecu. The alternative,as you probably know, is a new ecu, lock set and keys.


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    i have a piaggio mp3 urban and i have lost the first key but i have the second that it’s not working. I can sent to you the ecu and the second key, just tell me how much money you want to fix this.
    Thank you and i will wait for your reply.

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      Hi Best to give us a call regards

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    A piaggio dealer should be able to supply new keys from the code card. We program new keys from the ECU and you would need to get the keys cut to match the existing locks or install new locks too.

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    You will need to programme keys to match the existing ECU and replace the locks or purchase a complete ECU and lock set.

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    I have lost my only key to mt Typhoon 125.. I bought it second hand so the barrel may have been changed already..
    how much would a new key cost to be fittect ect, and a barrel change if necessary?

    Please help, I feel so lost!!

    1. Reply

      We can supply key and barrel sets if required. It will depend whether the bike has an immobiliser as to what is required.

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    Hi I have a piaggio skipper st 125 and have snapped the code key the ignition I have the spare key but dose that one have the immobiliser but in it like the master one so if I can get it out will it work ?

    1. Reply

      The slave key will work. The master key is for adding additional slave keys if required.

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    Hi there!

    I’ve just bought a beautiful Vespa LX 125 second hand and the only key i was given when buying was the brown master key.

    As i’m terrified of losing the only key to the bike, is it possible to get a copy? I can’t seem to see any numbers or digits on the key itself and i also wondered if i specifically need the brown key itself in or whether a copy will work ok? Ideally i’d like two copies.

    Please help!

    Newbie 🙂

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      You need to purchase two blank slave keys. You will need to get these cut to match your brown master key. You can then programme these two new slave keys using the brown master key. The guide is on my website.

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    I have Vespa 125 ie gts super. I bought Vespa without keys
    and then I bought new keys. If I send to You keys and ECU
    can You programme keys and Ecu. How much it cost?
    Best regards
    Timo Sallas

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      Let me know the number on the ECU.

      1. Reply

        Number is 32MIUG3 D/2.
        That´s all numbers.
        Best regards

        1. Reply

          This should be possible.
          Depends what locks you require as to what bike they are going on.
          Programming the keys is £95 plus whatever key lock combinations you require.


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    I have lock and keys, A, brown key and also B, black key.
    Both are wihout any data. I need communication between ECU and keys.
    Best regards

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      If these are genuine keys they cannot be re programmed to match the ecu. You will need new keys. However we can supply blank keys that you can get cut to match the locks that you have from the keys that you have.

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    Hi guys, I lost my blue key and I would like to change the lock for just in case. Is it possible to move the chip frim the old master key to the new one? Thanks

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    Hi , I have just been given a 2009 vespa lx 125 . I only have the metal part of the key as it broke some time back , it fits in the barrel but will not start without the other bit ( it was blue and is lost so no way of getting it back ). What will I have to do to get it back up and running . I have full v5 and metal part of key and can remove ecu or any ignition parts of any number are needed , I am mechanically minded but new to vespa and scooters in general …. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks …

  12. steven greenhalgh

    hi there
    I have a gilera runner st125, 11 plate.
    my key is not turning of the immobiliser, I have the programming key but this is also not working, any ideas on what is needed?

    1. Reply

      Best to give me a call.

  13. Reply

    hi i have vespa lx 150 i.e and i have lost the service key(blue) and i have master key(brown) but the little magnet in master key missing,also i have the code card.The effect is vespa dont start without magnet in master key whats your opinion for that problem?

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      You need to recode a set of blank keys and then get them cut to match your brown master key.

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    I have a LX 125 and unfortunately lost all my keys.
    I sent to a scooter repair center and asked for a new immobilizer + lock + keys from distributor.
    The scooter can be turned on but there is no response to throttle grip?
    That means something still wrong with the programming?

    1. Reply

      Sounds like the ECU needs programming.

  15. Reply

    Hi there!

    I have Piaggio Beverly 200. I bought BV 200 without keys. Can you supply me blank keys and programme keys to my Ecu. How much it cost?
    Best regards
    Márcio Borges

    1. Reply

      You would need to send us the ECU so that we can programme the keys. A new lock set would be required too.

  16. Reply

    I have got a piaggio 200e 2002reg
    and somehow misplaced both keys
    Is there any chance i can get replacement keys

    Thank you Anja

    1. Reply


      Replacement lock sets are available.


  17. Reply

    ii have a piaggio 04 plate and have lost the keys can you help is there a chip in the key ?

  18. Reply

    I purchased a 2005 X9 Evolution 500 without the master key. If I lose the service key do I need a new ECU, Decoder, Keys and locks with a code card?

    1. Reply

      Probably cheapest to clone the key you already have.

  19. Reply

    I lost my vespa 300 blue key only on I had what should I do bike is in a 125 frame

    1. Reply

      If you have no keys you will need to have the ecu programmed to new keys and lock set

  20. Reply

    Hi I own 3 bikes which I want to sell them but they all don’t have a master key or the key card.
    How much would it cost for you to place new barrels and give me code cards and master keys or…,
    How much would it cost if I can found new barrel locks and you only fit them on?

    1. Reply


      It depends on the model of bike and exactly what needs to be done.

  21. Reply

    Unfortunately I have managed to snap my blue key as it wasn’t going into the ignition smoothly,

    Now my brown key seems to be having the same problem and I’m worried about snapping this one,

    Can you advise what the best options for me are?


    1. Reply

      Sounds like new locks are required and possibly new keys.

  22. Reply


    I’ve had an attempted theft on my Piaggio Liberty and had the lock cylinder removed by the thieves. As I bought the bike second hand, I don’t have the brown key and I don’t know what needs to be replaced.
    Could you please inform what parts I would need and the cost of them?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Reply

      If you still have a key we can code a barrel to match your key. Approximate cost is £25.

      1. Reply

        I have the blue key, and I believe it’s a copy of the original. Is it possible to code the barrel without having to mess with the ECU?
        In case it can be done, can I ship the key to you and receive the barrel and key on the mail?

        1. Reply

          Yes send us the key and we will code a new barrel. Providing that the = bike still runs with your blue key (ie the immobiliser still works) then = this should work

  23. Reply

    I need some urgent help someone attempted to steal my gilera runner sp 11 plate before the Neighbours caught him he tried to barrel it after not being able to succeed in this he then tried to barrel it from the front whiles doing that he snapped the actual barrel and all I wanted to know if I got a whole new barrel would I be able to put my immobiliser chip into the new key provisionally and would it still work on my bike even though it’s the same chip but different key please HELP!!

    1. Reply

      Yes if you put the original transponder chip in the new keys it will work.

  24. Reply

    Thanks for your help!

  25. Reply

    why oh why arnt you in australia? i got a piaggio liberty 200s for a song as it needed a new gearbox after many months i finally got one and i now realise i do not have a working key for the bike,i have neither the blue or the master key, after fruitless searches on the internet i cannot see anyway around this problem apart from spending hundreds on a new setup. Do you have a franchise or similar here in aussie ??

    1. Reply

      You should be able to obtain an ecu and lock set for under £100.

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    Hi guys, I live in Madrid and quite frankly don’t trust the garages i’m calling about the problem I have.

    I have lost the brown/red key to my vespa LXV 125. I have a blue key which used to work. When I turn it and try to ignite the engine I get nothing. There is a red light that flashes on the tiny dashboard.

    They are telling me it will cost 600 euros to fix, and I just can’t believe it would be so expensive. Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks for the help.

    1. Reply


      If you check your manual or look on our website there is a document that explains the flashes on the dashboard led. This might help to diagnose the problem.
      If the blue key used to work then either the key, aerial or ecu has failed. The bike should still start even with a faulty key but only in limp mode 2000rpm.
      Does the engine turn over? If not this is nothing to do with the ecu.

      1. Reply

        Thanks for your response. I have just taken it to another garage and they are telling me that the chip is missing from the blue key and that is why it doesn’t work. Apparently I have to change the CDI or something and it costs a lot of money. Could you advise me what it is I actually have to buy so I can buy it online or from you guys, here it seems to cost a lot of money.

        1. Reply

          We can read the codes from the ecu and programme two keys that you can get cut to match your blue key. £99 plus postage.
          Or a new ecu as your garage advises. Not sure how you can lose the chip and they rarely fail. It could be the aerial?

  27. Reply

    Hi, I have quite a unique issue, I have a 125 Runner 2010, I bought it cheap as project

    The key is snapped in the ignition (it looks like a spare key) and I do not have the original

    Bike starts if I have the top end of the snapped key close to ignition but obviously this is not ideal and won’t pass an MOT

    any tips, work arounds or advice on the cheapest way to put this right?

    1. Reply

      We can clone the chip onto blank keys which you can get cut to match the snapped key if you can remove it from the barrel. Failing that we can clone the keys pre cut to match a barrel set.

  28. Reply

    so would I need to get the snapped key out, present both snapped pieces to a key maker have a blank key made and then send u the blank key with the chipped key and you can put this together to make a working key again?

    I was told as the snapped key (only key) is not an original this wasn’t possible

    can email pictures if you need. thanks.

    1. Reply

      No send us the chip and we will clone this onto two blank transponder keys. You then take the snapped key to a locksmith to cut the two keys that we supply.

  29. Reply

    Oh sorry yeah I get you now. how much would this be what is the turn around time for this?

    1. Reply

      £75 one day turnaround

  30. Reply

    and to confirm no numbers need to be supplied from the bike its self as long as I can present you my snapped key which has the chip

    (I presume it has a chip as the bike will not start unless this key is held next to the ignition when starting) also just to confirm the key is a red ZADI key and it is the only one I was given (snapped)

    1. Reply

      We are open Saturday if you would like to pop in. It has a chip and no numbers are required.

  31. Reply

    Lovely, I will be in Saturday.

  32. Reply

    2009 vespa lx 150 lost all the key how mush it cost

  33. Reply

    I have lx 125 carburator and it start normally but the red led not flashing anymore when the key is off,and i tried to pairing with new key but failed,it shown 1 flashing,3 flashing an stay on..anyone can help me?sorry for my bad english

    1. Reply

      Possibly sounds like an ecu failure.

  34. Reply

    i have a vespa et4 150 2005 the engine rotates but dont start when i put the brown key in the on position it only blinks once and then the led stays off is the ecu not programed any help

    1. Reply

      Yes there is a fault with the ecu recognising the key

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