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Drive on major roads safely. Enjoy the charm of the cobbled streets in the greatest comfort. Feel free to choose this or that route ... We have often imagined the ideal city. Today, this city exists. She travels in Peugeot Belville.

Large wheels that offer an ideal amplitude to dampen shakes and offer a real driving comfort, many standard equipment in the sense of practical practice ... your urban life will change Peugeot Belville.

Peugeot Belville proudly sports its Lion brand, with a set of distinctive signs that make it a scooter in the zenith, both modern and elegant.

The Peugeot SmartMotion® 125 engine that equips the Peugeot Belville scooter is a patented technology designed by Peugeot Scooters R & D. Compact and virtuous, this engine offers the best torque / consumption ratio in the range, plus a real reduction in noise and CO2 emissions.

The Lion brand has overtaken the Euro 4 standard which requires manufacturers to equip the ABS only scooters with a cylinder capacity greater than 125cc. Indeed, the entire Peugeot Belville range, from 125cc, is equipped with a standard ABS which has front and rear sensors, for faster and more accurate triggering.



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