Scomadi London

Scomadi London

Modern Scooters are proud to announce that they have been officially appointed the Scomadi dealer for  London. We will be stocking the full range of Scomadi Turismo Leggera models starting with the Scomadi 50cc in early December 2014, followed by the Scomadi 125cc Turismo Leggera in Summer 2015 and the Scomadi 200cc Turismo Leggera in Summer 2016. We are able to offer full dealer support including finance options and warranty.

We will also offer a full delivery and collection service to help support the product. We are scooterists, and are passionate about our vocation.

Please contact us for any further information.


scomadi scooters


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Scomadi London Modern Scooters



Scomadi London Modern Scooters Scomadi London Modern Scooters

Scomadi London Modern Scooters Scomadi London Modern Scooters Scomadi London Modern Scooters


  1. Reply

    Hi let me know when the 125cc are in stock . Thanks Terry

    1. Reply

      Hi 125’s are due in march. We’ll keep you posted.

  2. Reply

    hi how fast will the 125 go and what is the cost of 300

    1. Reply

      Hi There is a great article in the current issue of Scootering on the 125. It should be good for 60.
      We are taking deposits of £500 on the pre production 300 Scomadi. These are a limited run of 100 and are sub assembled in the Uk. Price is estimated at £4899 + £99 OTR.

  3. Reply


    What deposits are you taking on the scamodi 125?

    & what colours will you have avalible & when are you expecting stock?


    1. Reply

      Hi We are taking deposits of £250 on the TL125 Scomadi. We have Red, Black, Ocean White and Orange available. Although these are selling fast. We are expecting delivery late March early April. Please let us know if you would like to place a deposit. regards

  4. Reply

    Do you have a date for the 125 scomadis yet ?

    1. Reply

      Hi The latest information we have is delivery in June. We only have a couple of 125’s left.

  5. Reply

    Hi, do you have any Scomadi 125 for a test drive also do you have any for sale ? Thanks Tony

    1. Reply

      The 125’s do not arrive in the UK until next month. We have a couple left from the first delivery. Please call if you would like to reserve one.

  6. Reply

    Just wondering if you have any Scomadi 125’s
    in stock yet as I would like to have a look at one, test drive one. Even if you have a 50 it would be nice to see one! They seem very hard to track down!

    Many thanks.

    1. Reply

      The 125’s don’t arrive in the country until the end of June. This first shipment is sold out. We are taking deposits on future deliveries. We have a 50 cc in the showroom which is the same bodily as the 125 to view.

  7. Reply

    Many thanks for the info I’ll try and call in to the showroom to have a look, obviously
    they’re in great demand! When would your next
    batch of 125’s be coming in? And how soon would I need to place an order if wanted one?



    1. Reply

      Next batch of TL 125’s are due approximately mid August. It would be wise to place a deposit as soon as possible to secure one.

  8. Reply

    Looking to purchase a 125 scomadi, you do this in the very light blue? when will they be avalible if not now, can they be derestricted, many thanks

    1. Reply

      We currently have one black 125 available in two weeks. A blue 125 would be approximately 6-8 weeks. We currently have the PM88 exhaust available. regards

  9. Reply

    What is delivery date for the new batch of Tl125’s (August) and what colours will be available

    1. Reply

      Next batch is due 8-10 weeks and we have all colour options. we would strongly suggest reserving one by placing a deposit of £250

  10. Reply

    looking for a scomadi 125 asap is there any avalible many thanks

    1. Reply

      There are no 125’s currently available. We are taking deposits on the next shipment due in approximately 8 weeks.

  11. Reply

    Hi,I’m looking for a 50 for my son, any ideas when you’ll have more in stock, and how much deposit to put down?
    Many thanks

  12. Reply

    How much do scamadi 300 go for ? And 250

    1. Reply

      If you can find one 7K upwards.

  13. Reply

    Are the 125 easier to get and what’s the top speed , and how much?

    1. Reply

      We have some 125’s available now. Top speed is approx. 60-65mph. £2497 plus £99otr

  14. Reply

    I have been trying to get my hands on a scooter for some time hoping to get the 300 so if you can help me out will be good and tell what I’ve got to do

    1. Reply

      If you are looking at a 300 Scomadi the flagship model will now be a 200. This will be available next year and we are taking deposits to secure one of these. We also supply 300 and 400 Peugeot scooters.

  15. Reply

    Hi,looking to order a 200 Scomadi from you ,if ordered nowish,what is the expected price and top speed of the 200?

  16. Reply

    top speed and price if ordrered soon for the Scomadi 200

    1. Reply

      We have some of the limited edition TL200 models available. These are limited to 100 and are due May. There have only been pre production models but would expect top speed to be around 70-75. Price for these is £4295 +OTR.

  17. Reply

    Hi guys just wondering about availability on the TL125, Deposit and finance details?

    1. Reply

      We have some colours available now, deposit is usually 250 and finance packages are variable to suit. Best to give us a call to discuss. regards

  18. Reply

    We have one matt grey TL125 available. The stickers can be removed. OTR price is 2596.

  19. Reply

    Have you got any 125s in stock

    1. Reply

      orange black red blue and chrome

  20. Reply

    Hi when will you have any 200 in stock and at what price ?

    1. Reply

      Next batch of 200’s are due late September price is £3795 plus £125otr

  21. Reply

    Hi guys,

    What would the current cost of deposit be on a TL 125?
    Are you still doing the £500 deposit and £104 p/m 0% finance deal?
    I brought the sil 125 GP off you last year that you very kindly delivered to me at big7. It’s slowly getting rebuilt, but I want a scoot to get about on now.

    1. Reply

      £250 deposit we r not doing 0% but best to give us a call to discus what is available cheers

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