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The answer to your Lambretta, Vespa and Piaggio scooter problems.

Piaggio,Vespa 2 Stroke idle problems, air leaks.

If your 2 stroke engine has a very fast idle or erratic idle it could be due to an air leak. An air leak in your crankcase will cause a lean fuel mixture which in turn can lead to a fast or erratic idle speed. It is imperative that these symtoms are investigated as the…
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Piaggio/Vespa Immobiliser fault finding

If you have lost the keys to your Vespa/Piaggio scooter we have all the equipment available to get you back on the road cost effectively. If you have lost the brown master key you will not be able to add a new service key using the guide below. We have the equipment available to programme…
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Piaggio Zip – Full throttle problems.

Full throttle hesitation is a common problem with the Piaggio Zip 50cc 2 stroke scooter. Low speed response tends to be ok but when the throttle is opened beyond half way the engine dies and returns to idle. Sometimes stalling but usually resting back at idle as the throttle is released. This occurs when the…
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